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It is a state-of-the-art digital language Lab that creates singularly unique learning, mentoring, assessing and a comprehensive utility environment deployable instantly and accessible across an institution onto any digital device as a single online/offline interactive platform for the first time! As a metered service (pay-per-user), it is a truly cost-effective, invaluable and ingenious solution minus the added costs of expensive hardware and an invaluable asset for every institution of learning.

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As a 100% self-learning, mentoring assessing and utility platform, it offers the flexibility of being deployed either offline or online. In both cases, all features remain almost identical except that in the latter (online) deployment, the Speech-to-Text feature is also available.

When deployed offline, the platform will be installed on an institution's server and can be accessed by students independently with their assigned user-ID and password from anywhere on campus at a time of their convenience over Wi-Fi via the institution's intranet or Local Area Network (LAN). This means that all users can access the program whenever they are present on campus. But when deployed online, the platform will be hosted by the service provider and can be accessed by all users 24/7 from a location of their convenience anywhere in the world!

The platform does not require a dedicated laboratory with expensive hardware and/or dedicated staff members to manage it. It need not be scheduled into the institution's weekly timetable as a mandatory "classroom" session. In Mentor-led modes, the teachers can assign lessons and tests during their free time and students can access the same at any time of their choice.

All subjects in any language can be taught and assessed using this platform. Lessons can be created in every text/PDF/image and audio/video format. Student activities can be closely monitored in real-time and reports/certifications can be generated.


Primary Features & Benefits

Know Your Level [KYL] Test

A preliminary built-in examination module to accurately pinpoint student’s LSRW skill levels. The results are displayed instantly in real-time to both the teacher and the student and are clearly indicative of the level at which a student should start his/her course.

Vocabulary Builder

Simple Lessons and Activities to Teach Yourself over 10000 Must-know Words. Pronunciation of each word along with the definition, symbol and example sentences allow you to learn in the context of real sentences. Listen, Record, Compare& Evaluate functions with graphical representation. Each lesson has preparation tasks, Exercises and Tests.

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Integrated Course Modules

Preloaded Interactive Lesson Modules with Exercises are designed according to the CEFR Framework are categorized into the following different levels:
Beginner (Pre-A1, A1 & A2); Intermediate (B1 & B2); and Advanced (C1). Every course includes: Descriptions; Preparation task; Content, Exercises & Tests.

Content Delivery

  • Random: Using this option the learner can choose any of the lessons from the given course and practice.

  • Sequential: In this method, the student can’t skip any of the lessons. Should complete the first lesson then only he/she can move to the second one.

  • Well-timed: Specify a timeframe for completing assignments.

  • Controlled: Lock a specific content or a portion of it permitting only the "view" option for the student preventing practising the same before it is unlocked.

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Lesson Maker

Create a lesson in your voice – The instructor can create his/her multimedia lessons in this feature and do the following:

  • Record own customized audio/video files

  • Add corresponding files [text; pdf; image]

  • Add this as fresh content

  • Add/ edit/ delete at any time


DLM-IMPACT platform enables the creation of new courses easily by admin/mentor, if and when necessary and universally supports all third-party digital content. The following options are available here:

  • Add course title, author details and cover image

  • Choose/create a category

  • Choose/create a level

  • Set course duration policy

  • Add course descriptions

  • Add topics/subtopics

  • Add contents in text, image, pdf, audio & video formats

  • Invite other mentors to add lessons

  • Configure content delivery method

  • Add/edit/delete assessments

  • Add/edit/delete course certificates

  • Review course and publish

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This is an easy-to-use assessment tool for both Teachers and Students. For the Teachers, it helps to evaluate their teaching impact on Students by helping measure individual student progress from where the student was at an earlier time. It also helps assess the Students knowledge, understanding, capabilities, skills, attitude, motivation and disposition. It also clearly indicates the following as well- if all students have progressed as intended, which students have excelled and earmark those students who have struggled to make progress, for further customized assistance
An instructor can do the following,

  • Create question banks

  • Multiple formats including: True or False; One word; Multiple choice; Multi response, Numeric & essay types

  • Can give question direction

  • View and edit questions

  • Multiple types of questions with different configurations can be created

  • Set duration for questions & sections

  • Exercises& Exams can be created

  • Assessments can be given with a score & without the score

  • Configure Shuffling policy

  • Configure grade card & rank list

  • Configure certificates

  • Assessments will be submitted automatically if the scheduled time expires

  • Real-time monitoring of assessments: started, finished, absent

  • Reset assessments

  • Add additional instructions

  • Schedule assessments

  • Cancel or reschedule assessments

  • Assign assessments to a mentee, group or a batch

  • Options for system evaluation& manual evaluation

  • Students can filter assessments: upcoming, completed and missed

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Students can be awarded a performance/course completion certificate. Default certificate templates are available, Create /update options are available. The admin/mentor can issue and view certificates of achievement student-wise.

User Reports

Keep track of students' attendance and performance at all sessions within courses. All types of reports can be generated; download & print options are available.


Manage the participants within your institution promptly. Create profiles and assign different roles with appropriate levels of access- students, teachers, administrators, and management.


This is where the students are organised into groups to help manage them faster and easier while assigning courses, content and assessments.


This is a very useful feature embedded in the platform where teachers can send and receive text/audio/video chats in absolute privacy between themselves, SAD, the management, and to each student individually as well. Students can use it to post audio/video chats to teachers and even attach files to their messages where necessary.

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Lab View

Real-time monitoring- view all students in a batch. The online students will appear with their names and photos, whereas the offline students appear only as shadowed dark profiles. However, all student activities indicated “live” or in real-time.


The instructor can filter and view works submitted by the students and send them feedback as well.


The instructor can assign tasks with attachments. These can be downloaded, worked on and assignments uploaded by the students.


Real-time info- Users will receive all relevant notifications if any, in real-time.

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