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Why DLM-IMPACT Language Lab

If you've answered "Yes," to any or all of the above
DLM-IMPACT is exactly what you need!

Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge


Digital Language Lab

The Integrated Mentoring & Professional Assessment beyond Classroom Teaching or IMPACT is a robust, easy-to-use, and all-in-one collaborative language lab platform innovatively redesigned to effectively address the imperative need of educational institutions.

  • Learn any Language
  • Mentor-led & Self Learn Modes
  • Perpetual & Yearly Licence options
  • Universally supports third party digital content
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Cloud & Offline Options
  • Works on all devices
  • Achievement Certificates
  • User Reports
  • Easy-to-use, fun & cost-effective

Digital Language Lab -Stepping Stones

English Language Lab Features

Listening & Speaking skills

Student can do lessons on bettering their listening & speaking skills helping improve their understanding of the language and its pronunciations. Here the students can do the following:

  • Preparation tasks
  • Listen to the audio/video
  • Read transcripts
  • Speak/Record (insert voice into original file)
  • Play back recorded voice
  • Compare with original voice
  • Read, Record & play back
  • Submit to instructor
  • Do exercises and exams
  • View results instantly

Reading skills

Student can perform reading skill activities here. Reading will help them to improve their vocabulary and understanding of the language. The following options are available for students:

  • Do preparation task
  • Read the content
  • Do the exercises and exams
  • View results instantly

Writing Skills

Student can perform writing skill activities here. They can improve their writing by understanding model texts and how they’re structured. There are different types of model texts, with writing tips and interactive exercises. The following options are available for students:

  • Do preparation tasks
  • Read model texts
  • Read writing tips
  • Do exercises and exams
  • View results instantly

Content Framework

Know Your Level Test


General English

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CEFR Levels

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Business English

Professional communication

2000+ Topics

Exercises & Tests

Foreign Languages

Basic foundations

Vocabulary Builder

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Indian Languages

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